Astroboter - Beat Sutras Vol. II Release

Astroboter - Beat Sutras Vol. II Cassettes

Beat Sutras Vol. II by Astroboter is available as a Limited Cassette Edition and Free Download on Bandcamp. Twelve new tracks by Astroboter which guarantee Psychedelic Hip Hop beats fans an interesting trip through Astroboters beat collection from his MPC2000XL.


Limited Cassette Edition & Free Download

Astroboter - Beat Sutras Vol. II Pre-Order

You can pre-order Beat Sutras Vol. II by Astroboter as a Limited Cassette Edition on Bandcamp. You can listen to the snippet mix below. The release will be available as a free download also on Nov. 2nd 2014.


Astroboter - Beat Sutras Vol. II Release Date

We've got word from Astroboter! He will release Beat Sutras Vol. II on November 2nd this year. Once again we're happy to announce a Limited Tape Edition and the Free Download of his instrumental beat collection. What we've heard so far is superb, with mystic & raw beats straight from his MPC2000XL. More information will follow soon.

Astroboter - New Homepage

Our Code & Design wizards sat down with Astroboter and together they've crafted a top-notch homepage. Full responsive layouts, rich sources of information and ready to let you connect closer with Astroboter.


Astroboter - New Homepage

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Ambient Collection One - Sold Out

The Ambient Collection One cassettes by Astroboter are sold out. The limited batch of 40 pieces is gone worldwide. Thanks for your support & trust in our products!

Astroboter - Ambient Collection One Cassette

Astroboter is currently working on new releases and we also have some new artists coming up.


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Deela - Revenge Of The Calavera

Our client Deela released his latest record "Revenge Of The Calavera" last Sunday. It's a pretty mix of Cumbia, Hip Hop and Electronic music. We've been assisting Deela with the release process management and digital marketing. It's available for free download, so go and get your copy now!


New Homepage & Artist Services

Welcome to our new homepage! We're proud to present you our artists from now on on this more mobile friendly page. We have some new releases from interesting artists coming up.

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